Would you take this deal?


Michael Hunter

Here is the scenario. Imagine if you were purchasing a house and you were offered the following mortgage: You have to pay the principal back, but you aren’t told what the interest rate is going to be, and you have to pay the big lump sum of accrued interest all in one shot after 30 years. Would you take this loan? Probably not!

This scenario is akin to our traditional ways to save for retirement… RRSP’s, Employer Pension Plans, Rental Real Estate, etc. Our government can make up the tax rules as they go along, and when you reach retirement, you have to start paying taxes on the income or capital gains from these traditional strategies. This ultimately erodes the compound growth of your wealth over time. Unfortunately, it is how we have been conditioned to invest.

As I mentioned previously, if you think taxes will go up in the future or if you think they will have an impact on your retirement, you should consider the ‘Untaxable Wealth’ system. It can save you money on taxes now and achieve a larger after-tax income in retirement. Follow http://surl.li/frbqk to schedule a discovery call on how you can become “Untaxable.”