MJH Financial Testimonials

WHat Our Cients Have to Say

 Joe & Lynda Caruso

‘I wanted you to know I explained Infinite Banking to my grandma and she was floored.  ‘Why didn’t anyone teach us about money” she said”

Amanda R.

“Man, your advice as simple as it was, has helped us realize real savings and peace of mind for budgeting. Funny enough, we monitor our spending a lot less and the plan is working better.. thank you for your advice BIG TIME!”

Ben L.

“Michael is incredible to work with as a partner. One of my favourite things about Michael is how clear he is in his message. In a world with so many options, Michael has a clear plan for my clients that is communicated with care and precision. When I send a client to Michael I know he will treat them like gold, spend the time and also ensure they understand. Ask Michael to show you his product offerings. I highly recommend Michael to work with.”

-Maryuri H.

“Michael is a highly knowledgeable and exceptional wealth of experience when it comes to financial advice and planning. Being open and honest with his approach, you can expect that your goals will be met or exceeded with continued support and accountability! If you are worried about how you will be able to ever afford to retire, don’t want to pay your hard earned money to the government, or just simply don’t know where to start, you really should speak to someone and I can’t recommend Michael enough.

Peter S.

“Michael is very thorough and is able to explain “your money puzzle” in a way that helps anyone understand the importance of taking charge of their finances. Michael’s approach is detailed, meticulous and covers all of the bases which allows clients to be at peace with their financial plans. I highly recommend Michael and MJH Financial Inc.

–Sooley’s Safety Services.

“My husband and I were looking for an investor a few years ago. We needed someone who would actually follow through on their word and take the time to keep us updated regularly. Well we found that in Micheal Hunter. He is an extremely professional individual who takes our financial future to heart. Where ever he finds great opportunities for you in the market he will make the best of your investment. He makes the extra effort to always keep us up to date through emails, calls and zoom meetings. He is a very kind and compassionate man, who is honest and will make every effort to help your financial future. We’re so happy to have found him!!”

Sonia S.