Ever wished you could, “Be your own Banker?”


Michael Hunter

I had a conversation the other day with a gentleman.  He had received a letter from his bank that informed him of the new terms and conditions attached to his accounts.

One head scratching condition was that they could change the terms of his guaranteed investment account at any time.  This could include extending the term or reducing the annual interest rate.  I could really feel and understand his frustration as the new terms seemed to go against the whole idea of a ‘guaranteed’ account.

With powers to unilaterally make changes like this, wouldn’t you like to get the banks out of your life?  The ‘Untaxable’ Wealth system incorporates strategies that can help eliminate your dependance on the banks and in effect you can become your own banker.  Follow http://surl.li/frbqk  to schedule a call to discover how you too can eliminate your dependance on the banks.