The “Untaxable Wealth” System – Uncover the Facts


Michael Hunter

Over the last couple weeks, I have been speaking about the Untaxable Wealth system. You may be asking yourself how this is different from other programs?

• Provides more tax-free income
• Employer sponsored Tax-Free Strategies—Provides tax deductible solutions that are tax neutral for business owners and individuals
• Provides solutions that can generate significant tax solutions over traditional plans
• It is a program that provides market-like returns with over 90% downside protection
• Provides retirement income that does not impact earnings tests (such as OAS claw backs)
• Tax sheltering of investment earnings, and loan repayments using untaxed death benefits designed to more than offset any of the negatives

We can show you how to reposition your wealth and retirement using the Untaxable Wealth system. To discover how you can benefit, schedule at discovery call at