There are many pieces to your money puzzle. An Un-taxable Wealth System should be one.

The Un-taxable Wealth System

Have you noticed all the headlines recently about taxes going up? Property taxes going up between 3-8% depending on where you live. On April 1st the carbon tax is increasing, making gasoline and home heating more expensive. The alcohol tax is going up, and there is a new tax on luxury cars and boats. In […]

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You should feel confident enough to throw your arms up and know you know what to do!

I want you to feel empowered

I’ve recently had an interesting experience. Two clients have introduced me to their daughters. Both in their 20’s. The daughter’s were quite interested, yet reluctant to sit down with a financial planner. Why? One admitted she had a bad experience with a bank employee (pushing her to invest beyond her comfort limit) and was timid. […]

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read On No-Commission Investment Trading

Don’t Believe Everything You Read On No-Commission Investment Trading

When is it best NOT to believe what you read about No-Commission Investment Trading? When it sounds too good to be true. In the Press There has been a lot of press recently about  “Robinhood”, “Wealthsimple” and other no-commission trading platforms. Robinhood’s marketing message revolves around the lack of fees charged to buy and sell stocks […]

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Tax Free Paycheque

Tax Free Paycheque? What?

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you incorporated? Do you have an idea of where your pay cheque will come from in retirement? What if I told you, you could have a tax-free retirement pay cheque? Would you like to learn more? I can show you how to use a strategy that will do just that.  […]

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Can you trust your money guy

Can you trust your money guy?

There is no question we live in an age of information sharing.  I mean, anytime you go onto a social media platform or even google a topic, you can find multiple people sharing intimate information about cures for embarrassing illnesses, upsetting stories about weekend happenings and/or humiliating scenes that happened during their errands. But there […]

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Personal Information Inventory

Personal Information Inventory

A Personal Information Inventory is a great way to remind your loved ones about your financial wishes and how you have set up your plan to help them in the event of your death. Remember, this inventory contains sensitive information and should be stored in a safe and secure spot, never online and you should […]

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Major Life Event

Major Life Event

I recently came across an article on yahoo news, about a woman who had lost her husband and the ensuing struggles she had to endure.  Not only did she have to grieve her husband’s untimely death, but she had to deal with a beneficiary issue with her husband’s RRSP. You see, Mr. Taylor was not […]

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