Things are harder for this generation.

A Gen X'er hiking in the mountains. The quote says, "Tough times never last, but tough people do."

I was at an event over the weekend and started chatting with a woman who was concerned about the next generation. Her concern was over how difficult it is to get ahead financially today. Compared to when she was starting out, things are much harder today. Buying a house is harder, investments aren’t growing like … Read more

Does Canada need digital currency?

The picture is two cell phones laying on a table with coins arcing between them, with the title, "Does Canada need digital currency?"

Last week I wrote about the benefits of using cash for our day-to-day purchases. As mentioned, studies have shown that we tend to spend 17% less by using cash than by using credit or debit cards. Unfortunately, the Bank of Canada is currently exploring the creation of a Digital Canadian Dollar. At this time the … Read more

Who do you listen to?

A white do with a black nose with his ears perked up as if listening. The title reads, "Who do you listen to for financial advice?"

After last week’s post about being careful who you get financial advice from, here are four things to look for when deciding who to get financial advice from: 1.      Competence and Professionalism. The quickest and easiest way to identify their competence and professionalism is their industry designations. This tells you if they have taken the time and spent … Read more

“Bubble Wrap” Your Retirement: Ensure you Have the Retirement of your Dreams

Bubble Wrap Your Retirement

“Bubble Wrap” Your Retirement: Ensure you Have the Retirement of Your Dreams You are working hard.  You are going through all of life’s stages, one step at a time.  Now you are at a place in your life where you need to start thinking about retirement.  I mean, you’ve done all the things you are … Read more