How to be Untaxable

In Ontario, the top marginal tax rate is 53.53%. Tax rates can’t go up any higher, can they?? Although 53.53% seems like a lot, historically it is quite low. Can you believe that between 1936 and 1980, the top tax rate exceeded 70%, maxing out at 92-94% in the 1940’s and 1950’s? Considering that both […]

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A cartoon picture of the Toronto shoreline, all in reds. There are also several red fireworks in the skyline. The title reads, "Life Insurance is Older than Canada!"

Life Insurance as a Savings Vehicle?

Continuing on with our discussion about insurance, let’s go back and look at a little history. In Canada, life insurance predates Canada becoming a country. The first life insurance policy was issued in 1847! In addition to the death benefit, the policies were also considered safe savings vehicles. In the roaring twenties and the depression […]

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