May you live in interesting times



In a 1936 speech, Austin Chamberlain, a British Diplomat asserted that “living in interesting times” was considered a curse in Chinese culture.

I think that we all can agree that we ARE living in interesting times.

Is it a curse, OR as Kyle Dubas, the GM of The Maple Leafs, tweeted out last month with his Chinese Farmer story, is it a blessing?

When we look at other interesting times in the recent past, we often see that times of crisis are also when the seeds are sown for great fortunes.

Those with the foresight to create definite plans and put bumper guards around them flourish, while those who don’t are burdened with anxiety and stress.

Are you one of the prepared that have a written financial plan in place and have “bumper guards” around it for times like these?

If not, you may consider that this current time of social distancing or self-isolation may be the perfect time to get a written financial plan in place.

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P.S. You too can be an entrepreneur who will flourish. Why not reach out so you can live with less stress and anxiety?