The Un-taxable Wealth System


Michael Hunter

Have you noticed all the headlines recently about taxes going up? Property taxes going up between 3-8% depending on where you live. On April 1st the carbon tax is increasing, making gasoline and home heating more expensive. The alcohol tax is going up, and there is a new tax on luxury cars and boats. In addition, the Federal Budget is set to be released at the end of the month that could result in even more tax increases!

Why is this happening? Long story short, all levels of government are broke and the only people they can tax more are either mid to high income earners, or those with large amounts of assets. Does this describe you? If so, you should consider taking steps now to make your assets and retirement income Untaxable.

The Untaxable Wealth System is one piece that is missing from many wealthy Canadians Money Puzzles. To schedule a call to discover How to be ‘Untaxable’, visit