I want you to feel empowered


Michael Hunter

I’ve recently had an interesting experience. Two clients have introduced me to their daughters. Both in their 20’s. The daughter’s were quite interested, yet reluctant to sit down with a financial planner. Why? One admitted she had a bad experience with a bank employee (pushing her to invest beyond her comfort limit) and was timid. The other was worried about being judged. She admitted that her colleague (who was the same age), had just invested in their second property and she didn’t want someone to look down on her for not owning her own home yet.

Both women were extremely smart, hard working and making good income. They are both going to be very successful. What they both needed was someone to listen to them, point out the good things that they were doing and give them some hints, tips and tricks to allow them to feel more confident that their money will be there when they want it.

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