Who is in control of your money and future?


Michael Hunter

Last week I spoke about four things to look for when deciding who to get financial advice from.

Another question to ask yourself is Who is in control of my money and my future? Are you in control or is another entity?

What do I mean by another entity? Is your money and how you use it dictated by government rules and tax implications? For example, do you feel constrained by the tax implications of using the money within your RRSP when it may better serve you elsewhere?

What about the bank? Are their lending rules tying up the equity in your home, or are rising interest rates causing you financial stress? Is there a better way?

The Untaxable Wealth approach has worked to put many people back in control of their money. If you are curious how it might work for you, click on this link, http://surl.li/frbqk to set aside some time to chat.