5 Retirement MYTHS



5 Retirement MYTHS you Need to be Aware of

When I speak with individuals on the topic of RETIREMENT, I hear all sorts of concerning statements.

I decided to write this post, hoping to dispel some of these myths.

Here are the top 5 MYTHS about Retirement:

  1. I need “X” amount of dollars, before I can retire.
  2. Maximising my RRSP contributions is enough to retire comfortably.
  3. I don’t have time to plan for retirement, I will figure it out later.
  4. My retirement plan is to sell my paid off home.
  5. Investment portfolio management is the main part of a retirement plan.

Now as you can see, all of the above statements are not applicable to all individuals.

Your retirement plan is entirely dependent on your goals and your vision of retirement.

Therefore, you shouldn’t fall victim to a “one size fits all” thinking when it comes to YOUR retirement.

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