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At MJH Financial, our goal is to get you financially free enough so that you can both enjoy your life now and achieve your financial dreams. We do this by giving you more than just investment advice. We create a guide, personalized only for you, that incorporates all aspects of your finances in one place. This includes financial and investment advice, accounting and tax services, legal planning and estate planning. All resulting in you enjoying life now and a free and happy retirement.

We have a highly motivated team of experienced professionals that work together to provide you with exceptional service and personalized attention to ensure your financial plan is pointing you in the direction you want to go.

A True Renaissance Man with the HEART of an Entrepreneur!

Music, wine, fine food and financial planning, each complements the other with the end result, a financial planner who truly listens to people, understands the value of customer service and has the financial skills and experience to provide the financial services you need now. Best of all, Michael has been an entrepreneur. He has “walked the walk” of the small business owner with a dream and knows the hard work it takes to achieve it.

A skilled investor with the heart of an entrepreneur is what you need most when you consider financial planning for your future and the future of your family. That’s Michael J. Hunter.


Meet Michael J. Hunter

Music, math and magnificent food and wine may not always first come to mind when you think about financial planning, but here are just a few reasons why they should:

    • Studies have long examined the link between musical and math abilities and how having a strong skill set in one is often complementary to a strong skill set in the other. Music might be about passion and emotion but by its very nature, is mathematical. Patterns, chords, octaves – these are all understood using math principles including geometry, signal processing, and even calculus! With a degree from esteemed Queens University, Michael knows music.
    • Math processing skills are important when you think of financial planning but here’s what sets Michael apart from so many others. Honing already strong skill sets in customer service and satisfaction, Michael exemplifies commitment to the financial services industry with multiple designations – studies he undertook to serve you better. They include CFP, CLU, and his CHS
    • CFP – Certified Financial Planner
    • CLU – Certified Life Underwriter
    • CHS – Certified Health Insurance Specialist
    • Michael also knows a thing or two about customer service, hospitality and getting things just right. Much like his financial acumen comes from his scholastic endeavors, so too does his understanding of entrepreneurs and his careful attention to customer care come from many years in the hospitality industry.
    • Exceeding customer expectations daily as the owner of two different award-winning restaurants, Michael knows what it means to “take the leap” as a small business entrepreneur and work for yourself, securing your own financial future.
    • Finally, Michael has a knack for sniffing out the best – whether that’s medal worthy wine as judge of the All Canadian Wine Championships or judging which financial services provider will best meet your specific needs and expectations.



Meet Stephanie Hunter

Coming from a family with a combined total of 40 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, perhaps not surprising about Stephanie Hunter is a desire for a family of her own. Partnering in life and in business with Michael Hunter, Stephanie knows and values the importance of family, of sound financial management, has the same entrepreneurial zeal as her partner, and “loves people and getting things done.”


  • With a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Stephanie has devoted her life to listening with exceptional skill. She has spent time supporting the integration of services for the differently abled by working together with group home settings, school boards and with daycares, understanding in the process how to help all parties succeed.
  • Facilitating the fine dining experiences of customers in their two, highly stylized, joint restaurant ventures, Stephanie also utilized her customer service skill sets and financial expertise to ensure their continued success.
  • Throughout her career, Stephanie has made the most of her unique ability to both” love people and to get the things done” in a way that keeps people happy.
  • In addition to all of this, Stephanie has also owned her own business while caring for her two children (Mike Jr. and Madeline) and understands the challenge of the entrepreneur in balancing family life, business and finances.
  • Speaking of balance, she is also a Chakra Practitioner and Reiki Master dedicated to exploring nature and hiking, loves to read and spends her “spare time” researching alternative healing methods.

Balancing business +

forming true personal connections =

Great Customer Service!

As the person behind the scenes, Stephanie helps Michael, and the customers of MJH Financial, to find balance. Providing exceptional customer service skills, administrative support and social media savvy, Stephanie is often the first point of contact for folks looking to finance their retirement dreams. Consider a call to MJ Financial today and Stephanie Hunter will help coordinate the services and supports you need to help your financial dreams take flight.

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